“Sometimes I feel that life has passed me by… Do you ever feel that way, Charlie Brown?”
“I feel that it has knocked me down and walked all over me!”
Charles M. Schulz (via feellng)
“As far as I know, he never asked where she had been or why she had left and she never told. I guess some stories do not need telling.”
Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner (via feellng)

Some story do not telling

“If you feel obsessed to prove something to the world,
then you’d need world attention to be able to prove it.”
Toba Beta, Betelgeuse Incident (via feellng)
“Everyone is down on pain, because they forget something important about it: Pain is for the living. Only the dead don’t feel it.”
Jim Butcher, White Night (via feellng)

อ๋อยยยย ฝนตกกกก เซคเต็ม คนเยอะ อ๋อยยยยยย☔️✏️📒 (at SCB1 (อาคาร 30 ปี คณะวิทยาศาสตร์ มหาวิทยาลัยเชียงใหม่))

เฮนโหลววววววว คิดแคปชั่นไม่ออก (at zoe in yellow)

เห้ย!! แบ๊วๆ 555😄😁🐷🐵 (at Faculty of Politic Science and Public Administration)